Not sure what to lớn talk about with your bestie? Here are some interesting conversation topics you & your best friend should try.

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You and your best friend probably think you know everything about each other. That’s what best friends do, right? Perhaps you’ve known each other for the longest time or just recently found each other by fate like soulmates. Either way, you must have been sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other.

As you spend time chatting with each other, you might notice that your topics tend lớn revolve around: love life, financial worries, family drama, stressful workplace, gossips, & recent trends. There’s no doubt that these are good things lớn talk about but they can get a little tired & boring.

Interesting Conversation Topics lớn Talk lớn Your Best Friend About

Now, you’re hanging out và it suddenly gets quiet. You feel like there’s nothing else to discuss và that’s where you are wrong. You haven’t exhausted all the topics in the world — not yet. The fact is you don’t fully know the specifics about each other.


Try these uncommon topics below lớn keep things interesting. Doing so will nâng cấp your friendship on a deeper, more meaningful, và more honest level. You’ll also find some sample questions that will help you kick start the topic.

1. Food

Food brings people closer and that’s the truth. You probably know each other’s favorite food, but there’s more to lớn it. Try asking, “What’s your late-night craving?”, “What food makes you remember your childhood?”, “What food makes you remember your ex?” và the list goes on as food is associated with a lot of memories.

2. Songs

Like food, songs can be associated with different occasions, people, and memories. That is why songs & music in general is known as a universal language. Try asking these questions “If you can make a soundtrack for your life movie, which songs would you pick?” & “If you’d play a tuy nhiên for my funeral, what would it be?”. These questions may bring an interesting turn in your conversation.

3. Something in the room

Are the two of you bored and stuck in the same room (perhaps the dorm room?)? If so, take a look around you. Is there anything interesting? Start a conversation about one thing in the room that catches your attention. If you see a plant, ask a question like “What’s your thought on indoor plants?”. If you see a can of beer, try asking “What’s the best foreign beer you’ve tried?”. This seems lượt thích a common ice breaker, but it’s a very helpful way lớn start the conversation and arrive at different related topics.

4. Regrets

Sure, there’s nothing you can vì about it anymore because it’s all in the past. But discussing about each other’s regrets can ease up the burdens you’re feeling. Making mistakes does make you smarter and wiser after all. Try asking, “If you could change one thing or re-do one day in your life, what would it be and why?” This topic will help you khổng lồ gain a deeper understanding of your bestie’s life.

5. Death

Most people are scared to confront the reality of death. No one knows what happens when you die so there is no right or wrong answer. What you’ll get is a breadth of view of each other’s beliefs. Try asking, “Where vày you think you’ll be when you die?”. You can also talk about it in a funny way & ask, “Who will you haunt first when you die?” You can only hope that they don’t say your name!

6. Insecurities

“What are some insecurities you have about yourself?” & “What embarrasses you in front of other people?” These are crucial questions that will make your friendship stronger – as long as you don’t point it out and do it in front of a crowd. Knowing about each other’s insecurities will also give you clues on when and how khổng lồ defend your bestie in case of an attack.

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You can also kick off the topic by sharing your own insecurities first.

7. Throw Back Thursdays #TBT

It all starts with “Remember when…?”. Talk about the unforgettable memories you had – whether it’s a shared memory or not. There’s nothing better than reminiscing the good old times. One helpful tip is to lớn go over your social truyền thông media accounts và recall the stories behind your #TBT and #FBF (Flashback Fridays) posts.

8. Last Things

Answering a whole lot of questions that goes “When was the last time you…?”. Complete the sentence with verbs lượt thích cried, got dumped, got way too drunk. Go crazy with these questions. You’ll both be amazed by answers that could range from a minute ago to 10 years ago.

9. Bucket List

“What are the things you want to vị before you die?” Talk about the things you want khổng lồ try & the places you want to lớn visit before you kick the bucket, however seemingly impossible they may sound. Maybe you can even bởi vì some of them together. This is also a chance khổng lồ unlock a chest of new experiences involving your friendship.

10. Aging

Time flies. & you can discuss about the inevitable happening that is aging. Some people feel it in their 20s, while some don’t feel it in their 40s. Don’t worry, it happens lớn everyone at some point. It may start with your back, your wrinkly skin, or your blood pressure. Cốt truyện with your bestie some of the little problems you face & ask her if she’s feeling any sign of aging. Maybe you can even find a nutrition supplement or an orthopedic doctor together.

11. Life Goals

“What have I done in the past years?”, “When vì you want your promotion?” and “do you want a family in 5 years?”. These are some of the go-to questions when talking about life goals. You’re both accomplishing your goals one day at a time. Goals aren’t meant for small talk, but for a deeper conversation with someone special to lớn you. This is a good chance to look back at everything you’ve accomplished, what you’re still working on, and what you aim to lớn achieve in the next couple of years. You and your BFF will be each other’s number one supporter on this journey.

12. Zodiac Sign

Astrology can be fun. Some people take astrology more seriously than others. But one thing stays true for most people — it’s fun lớn talk about astrology and the star signs, such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, so on và so forth.

Chances are you already know each other’s signs, but if you don’t, you can find out here by using your birthday. It’s virtually illegal khổng lồ not know your bestie’s birthday! I mean that’s a super legit reason khổng lồ get her an awesome gift. Anyway, if you don’t know her birthday, this will be your chance to lớn find out & make a mental note.

Don’t know much about the zodiac? vì chưng some Google tìm kiếm or check out our astrology articles. Find out what are the common traits and personalities of your best friend’s sign. Are they true? What’s true & what’s not so true? Are you on some kind of ranking lượt thích most probably to be a serial killer? Poke fun at each other.

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What bởi you think are some good topics for two besties to talk about when they’re bored?

These topics are designed khổng lồ strengthen the relationship of people who trust each other. They don’t have a right nor wrong answer, but it does require honest và sincere answers. You’ll be surprised with each other’s answers as you unravel the path deeper into your friendship. In the end, the person who knows who you really are will always be your ally. That person is none other than your best friend.