Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

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VIETNAMESE WEDDING CUSTOMSThe wedding consists of several (1)___including asking permission to lớn receive the bride, the procession khổng lồ the groom"s house, the ancestor ceremony, & the banquet party.In the morning, the groom"s mother & a few close relatives would walk khổng lồ the bride"s house with a present of betel to ask permission to receive the (2)___at her house. The date and time of the ceremony is usually determined by a Buddhist monk or fortune teller.

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In the procession to lớn receive the bride, the groom & his family often carry decorated lacquer boxes covered in red cloth khổng lồ represent his (3)_____ & which include various (4) ____for the bride"s family. There are either 6 or 8 boxes, but never 7 because it is bad (5) _____.After paying their (6) _____to their ancestors, the bride và groom will serve tea lớn their parents who will then give them advice regarding (7) ______and family. During the candle ceremony, the bride và groom"s families union is celebrated và the mother-in-law of the bride will mở cửa the boxes filled with jewelry và dress her new daughter-in-law in the jewelry.

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Finally, the groom officially asks for permission lớn take his new bride (8) _____and they make their way back lớn his house. During the (9) ______, there is usually a 10-course meal và the bride và groom make their (10) ______to each table khổng lồ express their gratitude và also get money as presents.1. A. Asks B. Ceremonies C. Requests D. Tells2. A. Bride B. Regulations C. Laws D. Notes3. A. Condition B. Culture C. Relation D. Wealth4. A. Beans B. Boxes C. Presents D. Wars5. A. Bad B. Fond C. Luck D. Interest6. A. Respects B. Allows C. Stops D. Refuses7. A. Existence B. Dead C. Marriage D. Divorce8. A. Flat B. Home C. House D. Apartment9. A. Acquaintance B. Contribution C. Difficulty D. Reception10. A. Troubles B. Problems C. Ovals D. Rounds

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