My Son, located 69 km southwest of Danang, was an imperial thành phố during the Cham dynasty, between the 4th và 12th centuries. My Son Sanctuary is a large complex of relìgious relics that comprises more than 70 architectural works. They include temples and towers that connect to lớn each other With complicated red brick designs. The main component of the Cham architectural kiến thiết is the tower, built lớn reflect the divinity of the king.

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According to records on the stone stele, the prime foundation of the ancient My Son architectural complex was a wooden temple to worship the SivaBha dresvaragenie. In the late 16th century, a big fire destroyed the temple.
Step by step, historical mysteries were unveiled by scientists. Through stone stele và royal dynasties, they proved My Son lớn be the most important Holy Land of the Cham people from the late 4th khổng lồ the 15th centuries. For many centuries, the Cham built Lip, a mutually linked architectural complex, with baked bricks & sandstone. The main temple worships the Linga-Yoni, who represents the capability of invention. Beside the main tower (Kalan) are several subtowers worshipping Genies or deceased kings. Although time and the wars have destroyed some towers, the remaining sculptural and architectural remnants still reflect the style và history of the art of the Cham people. Their masterpieces mark a glorious time for the architecture & culture of the Cham, as well as of Southeast Asia.
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Each historical period has its own identity, so that each temple worshipping a genie or a king of a different dynasty has its own architectural style full of different impression. All of the Cham towers were built on a quadrate foundations và each comprises three parts: a solid tower base, representing the world of human beings, the mysterious & sacred tower body, representing the world of spirits, and the tower top built in the shape of a man offering flowers and fruits or of trees, birds, animals, etc., representing things that are close to lớn the spirits and human beings.
According to lớn many researchers of the ancient Cham towers, the architectural art of the Cham towers at My Son Sanctuary is the convergence of different styles, including the continuity of the ancient style in the 7th-8th centuries, the Hoa Lai style of the 8th-9th centuries, the Dong Duong style from the mid-9th century, the My Son and My Son Binh Dinh styles, etc. Among the remnants of many architectural sites excavated in 1898, a 24 meters high tower was found in the Thap Chua area và coded A | by archaeologists and researchers on My Son. This tower is a masterpiece of ancient Cham architecture. It has two doors, one in the east & the other in the west. The tower body toàn thân is high và delicate with a system of paved pillars; six sub-towers surround the tower. This two story tower looks lượt thích a lotus flower. The đứng top of the upper layer is made of sandstone and carved with elephant and I ion designs. In the lower layer, the walls are carved with fairies & water evils & men riding elephants.
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After the My Son ancient tower complex was discovered, many of its artifacts, especially statues of female dancers and genies worshipped by the Cham people, worship animals và artifacts of the daily communal activities, were collected và displayed at the Cham Architecture Museum in Danang city. Although there are not many remnants left, those that remain display the typical sculptural works of cultural value of the Cham nationality. Furthermore, they are vivid proof, confirming the history of a nationality living within the Vietnamese community boasting of a rich cultural tradition.