English vocabulary: learn to talk about your free time

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about your không lấy phí time. What bởi vì you like doing in your không tính tiền time? bởi vì you have any interesting hobbies? Talking about không lấy phí time and hobbies is a good way lớn start a conversation, or find things in common when you speak to lớn others in English. By the over of this lesson, you’ll be able khổng lồ talk naturally & clearly about your không tính tiền time và hobbies.

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You can see that our answers are getting more detailed. Whenever you speak, you should try to địa chỉ details lớn your ideas like this. It will make your English sound more natural and more interesting.

What about you? Can you showroom some details like these lớn your ideas? Pause the đoạn clip and make some sentences to practise.

5. Giving Background lớn Your Hobbies

If you have an interesting hobby, you could say more about when và why you started doing it.

I started playing tennis when I was ten.I’ve been learning khổng lồ paint for six months now.I decided to bởi yoga because I wanted to get healthy.My friend got me into climbing.

In the last sentence, my friend got me into… means that your friend introduced an activity to lớn you, & now you like it.

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What can you say about your hobby? Can you use some of these phrases to lớn talk about yourself?

I started ________ when I was ________.I’ve been ________ for ________.I decided khổng lồ ________ because I wanted lớn ________.________ got me into ________.6. Describing Your Hobbies

Finally, let’s look at how you can showroom some descriptive words to say why you vì or don’t enjoy something. For example:

I like climbing because it’s really exciting.I love doing yoga because it’s relaxing.I really lượt thích writing stories, because it’s creative & I like using my imagination.

You can also use negative adjectives khổng lồ talk about things you don’t like. For example:

I don’t like going jogging because it’s tiring.I hate watching TV. I find it boring.I’ve been trying khổng lồ learn to paint, but it’s too hard.

Why do you like your hobbies? What bởi you dislike doing in your free time, and why? Try to find some adjectives to describe your hobbies.

7. Your Turn to lớn Speak!

Now, let’s try using everything we’ve learned khổng lồ make a longer answer.

For example:

I really lượt thích playing tennis. I play every weekend at the park near my house. Sometimes I play with my brother, or sometimes with a friend. My brother got me into it, because he loves sports and he needed someone to play with. I didn’t like it at first, because it was hard and I lost all the time, but now I enjoy it, especially when I beat my brother!

Let’s look at one more sample answer:

I love taking photos. Once or twice a month, I go to different areas of the city & look for interesting pictures to lớn take. I’ve been interested in photography since I was young, when my dad got me a camera for my birthday. I lượt thích it because it’s creative and I can express myself through my pictures. Anyone can use a camera, but you need to use your imagination khổng lồ find good pictures.

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Now, can you talk about your miễn phí time?

What vì chưng you like?Where bởi vì you go, và how often?When & why did you start doing your hobby?Why vì you lượt thích it?

Try lớn talk for at least 30 seconds, và give lots of details!

We hope you enjoyed this lesson from Oxford Online English! Are you preparing for an upcoming speaking exam? Continue practicing with our other spoken English lessons.