The interviewer would lượt thích to know how this position fits your career goals & dreams. The goal of your response is to help the interviewer get lớn know you better while highlighting the alignment between your career dreams & what the hiring company has khổng lồ offer.

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What khổng lồ Avoid

Avoid giving a specific job title in your response. For instance, instead of saying, "My dream job is lớn be a photographer," consider focusing more on the general vibe of what you"d lượt thích to vì chưng - "My dream job is one that would allow me to lớn exercise my creativity."

Pro Tip

This open-ended question can be tricky to lớn navigate! First, remember that you are not talking to a friend about your hopes & dreams. You are giving a career-related response to a potential employer. Maybe you want to be a university professor, but you"re applying for a summer swim coach position. In this case, make a connection between what excites you most about teaching university students and the accountabilities of the seasonal swim coach role. Using this example, you could state that your dream job includes teaching and training others, and you look forward to helping your swim students learn new swimming techniques.

How khổng lồ Answer

This question is one of the very few interview questions where you can be slightly ambiguous in your response. Consider taking one or more of these approaches: - Focus your reply on the skills, abilities, và knowledge you wish to lớn gain in your career, regardless of the job title. - Make a connection between your career desires & what the hiring company offers. - Talk about what motivates you in your career và how the company"s approach aligns with your motivational factors. - Consider the company"s mission, and values then discuss how they align with your dream organization. - Describe the career achievements you want to bring to lớn fruition. Then, define how you can accomplish these achievements with the hiring company. Make sure khổng lồ tailor your response to lớn the job & company you"re interviewing with.

1st Answer Example

"My dream job is to lớn work for a company that will allow me khổng lồ grow in the hospitality industry while applying the knowledge I gained while earning my hospitality management diploma. I am most excited about this role with hotel Group ABC because it will allow me lớn put into practice everything I learned about guest services, business management, human resources, và hospitality marketing."

Admin Example

"My dream job is not necessarily a specific function but more focused on the workplace vibe and company culture. I set my sights on your organization after seeing its name on the city"s "Top 25 Employer" list. I researched your methods và mission and was very impressed. Company ABC would be a dream "fit" for me."

Manager Example

"My dream job is one where I have the tools and tư vấn to be a great mentor khổng lồ my team members. I am passionate about investing in my top performers, so a dream employer would be an organization that supports this passion. Would you agree that this describes Company ABC?"

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Marketing Example

"My dream job is one where I can exercise my creativity in a variety of ways. I appreciate that Agency ABC works in pods và that the agency allows engaged team players to try their hand at a variety of tasks that interest them. I look forward lớn joining this talented and diverse team."

Retail Example

"I love retail và fashion, which is why I applied to lớn Company ABC. I am deeply interested in working my way up in the organization, perhaps in a merchandising or even a buyer role one day."

Sales Example

"Being a business development representative is my dream job! I am thrilled lớn be considered for this role & career path with Company ABC. The fact that the organization will provide international travel và continued education opportunities makes this position even more enticing."

Teacher Example

"My dream is to be an educator in a school that focuses less on traditional learning methods and allows for creativity in the classroom. When I read an article about the new teaching methods this school has implemented in its classes, I knew I had khổng lồ apply."

Community Answer

"My dream job is working in a big company where I can apply my knowledge and skills to lớn solve real-world problems. Also, I can grow và develop in a long term. I have a strong interest in this role at your company because I believe my skills and qualities are a good match. I have a strong learning ability và a can-do attitude. I truly believe this role is my dream job."

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Nice! It sounds like you want to lớn work for a large company where there are opportunities for growth and that you believe your skills & qualities suit this particular role. That"s great! You"ve mentioned "real-world problems" a few times now - what types of real-world problems vị you hope lớn solve? Also, what kind of growth are you hoping for? vày you want lớn one day manage other people? Your answer is strong but adding more specifics will make it even stronger.