Choose the best answer: he is interested in the

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1.He is interested in the.............of old building(preserve)

2.The.....area of the city isn't very attractive(industry)


1.The film was so interesting that we watched it several times=>It was

2.Write your name here=>Let

3.People think that computer games are harmful=>It is

4.We couldn't drive fast beacause of the fog=>The fog

5.It is a pity she can't speak French fluently=>She wishes




3.Lan/Vi/if/could/lend/ruler room/paint/at the moment

5.Tet/be/important festival/which occur/late January/early Febuary


Public transport....1...LD is expensive.The fare depends on the leght of the...2........You can't buy books of ticket in....3....Children under 16 pay half, .....4.... Children under five travel free.But......5..........some buses you pay the driver.Most LD.6.......are double-deckers.On the underground railway you......7...your ticket from a machine or at the........8.......of the journey.Not all train from one flatform go to lớn so the signs.The.........10.train leaves at about 00.


1.our teacher (have)a meeting at the hall at the present

2.We(hold)a party last night

3.He(brush)his teeth after every meal

4.Let's play soccer in the afternoon

5.He is in his room.He(test)some model

6.They (not visit)HL bay since last summer vacation

7.The dog never(allow)to enter the room

8.peter(sing)an E song at the tiệc ngọt last night went his friend went out??

9.I've just bought some pain và tomorrow i'm không tính tiền so I(paint)the walls tomorrow morning

10.The table(repair)as soon as he finishes his work

Bt 7:

1.the teacher.............E in class 8A now is Mr.H(teach)

2.She had a bad cold yesterday but today she is.......(good)

3.we should......(fertilizer) our rice paddies regularly to get a better crop

4.we ought lớn pour the........into intended shapes(mix)

5.They began lớn go in the.......of HL Beach(direct)

BT8:tim va sua loi sai

1.I'd prefer him went ther immediately

2.She gets up early every morning so as lớn not come khổng lồ school late

3.they were hungry,so i suggested khổng lồ have dinner early

4.It's called the flowers-arranging contest


1.E và F are spoken in Canada(chuyển quý phái câu nhà động)

2.Mai said khổng lồ me"Do you know how Pete does his exam?"(chuyển sang trọng câu gián tiếp)

3.she said"i'm living in HD now"(Chuyển sang gián tiếp)

4.they will laught at you if you wear that hat(bị động)

5.the poem"A visit from SN" was written by CCM( đặt câu hỏi cho tự CCM)

6."shut the door but don't lock it"She said khổng lồ us(gián tiếp)

7.I heard he was ill.I was very sorry( kết hợp 2 câu,sử dụng cấu tạo "adj+full infinitive ) is right if i take a photograph?(dùng do you mind)

9.The last time I saw him was in 1998(dùng seen)

10.I don't think she is strong.She can't lift such a heavy can(Kết thích hợp 2 câu thành 1 thực hiện "enough")