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The AutoCorrect feature in Word năm 2016 fixes hundreds of common typos and spelling errors on-the-fly. You have to be quick to lớn see it in action.

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For example, in Word you can"t type the word mispell (with only one s). That"s because AutoCorrect fixes that typo the split second that you press the spacebar.

Beyond spelling, AutoCorrect fixes common punctuation. It automatically capitalizes the first letter of a sentence. AutoCorrect capitalizes I when you forget to, properly capitalizes the names of days, fixes the iNVERSE cAPS lOCK pROBLEM, plus other common typos.

Undoing an AutoCorrect correction

You can reverse AutoCorrect instant changes, but only when you"re quick. The secret is khổng lồ press Ctrl+Z (the Undo command) immediately after AutoCorrect makes its correction. The change is gone.

Even when you"re not quick with the Undo command, you can peruse AutoCorrect changes. These are flagged by a xanh rectangle that appears under the corrected text"s first letter, as shown in the figure. Position the mouse pointer at that rectangle, và click to see various AutoCorrect options.


To restore the text khổng lồ how it was typed originally, choose the option Change Back to lớn whatever, where whatever is the original text, such as :) shown here.

To prevent AutoCorrect from ever making the change again, choose the option Stop Automatically Correcting whatever. Although the text won"t be corrected, it may still show up as a typo or a spelling error.

Adjusting AutoCorrect settings

To control how AutoCorrect behaves, as well as nhận xét — or even địa chỉ — words it corrects, follow these steps:

Click the file tab.

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Choose Options.

The Word Options dialog box appears.

Click the Proofing category on the left side of the window.

Click the AutoCorrect Options button.

The AutoCorrect dialog box appears, with the AutoCorrect tab forward.

The AutoCorrect tab lists all problems that AutoCorrect fixes for you, plus common typo corrections. That"s also where you can remove the AutoCorrect entries you detest:

To remove an entry in the AutoCorrect list, scroll to find that item, such as :) for the happy face. Click khổng lồ select the entry, & then click the Delete button.

To địa chỉ cửa hàng an entry, use the Replace and With text boxes. For example, to replace kludge with kluge, type kludge in the Replace box & kluge in the With box.

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Click the OK button when you"re done making adjustments, & then close the Word Options dialog box.